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Diary of a book slut

Today, I gave myself a reason to go to the mall, and thus by book slut definitions, permission  to go to Borders Books.

"Well," says I, "everything I might get today has to tie into my writing."

No problem.  That means I get to look for myth, language, buddhism, Japanese history, art,  martial arts, and several other components.  Including mangas.

Picked out and put back several.  Ended up with Zen Keys and the Heart of Understanding by Thich Nhat Hahn (yeah, he's Vietnamese, but Zen is Zen), Basho's on Love and Barley (haiku by one of the most important Japanese haiku masters)  R.H. Blythe's the Genius of Haiku,   and a fun reprint books:  Myths and Legends of Japan.  Some of those are online, but not all.  I've been weaving in some mythic material into my backstory of EIMH, so I was happy to find it.

And then, my little book slut's heart was made very, very happy by the arrival of The Origins of Japan's Medieval World: Courtiers, Clerics, Warriors, and Peasants in the Fourteenth Century.

I'm really going to have to think of something more to do with all this knowledge I am building up. LOL...

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