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Drabble: Growing Up With Them

InuYasha Miroku friendship fic .  Takes place the day after the birth of Atae.

Growing Up With Them

“You look like you have seen the Buddha, my friend,” Miroku said, sitting down to InuYasha.

InuYasha was sitting underneath a tree, not far from the front of his house.  His sword was propped over his shoulders.  Not far in front of him were the gray ashes from the fire they had made in the yard the night before.  His ear twitched slightly at the sounds of women’s laughter from inside of his house, but his eyes were far, far away.

“Keh,” he replied.

“Sango wanted to check on Kagome,” he said, pulling up a blade of grass.

“Yeah.  Kaede’s in there too,” InuYasha commented.  “They kicked me out.  Said something about changing her bedding.”

“Ah,” Miroku replied.  “But that doesn’t explain the otherworldly look upon your face.”

InuYasha straightened his shoulders and sighed.  For a moment, he struggled for something to say, then swallowed, as the words came to him.  “When you first held the twins, how did you feel?”

“Amazed.  Frightened.  Determined.  Overwhelmed,” Miroku answered.  “They were so small.”

“Yeah,” the hanyou said.  He wrapped his fingers tighter around the hilt of his sword. “I never knew my old man.  What in the hell do I know about being a father?”

“I think we all have thoughts like that,” Miroku said.  “It’s a big thing.  But we do it one day at a time, and learn while we grow up with our children.”

“He looks so much like me,” InuYasha said, looking up.  “I was hoping he’d look more like Kagome.  Poor runt.  I don’t want him to have a childhood like mine.”

“It’ll be better,” Miroku promised.  “You’re here.  Kagome’s here.  And we’re here.  He’ll always have friends.”

InuYasha looked at the monk.  “Dammit, Bouzu, you’re trying to make me get all sentimental or something?”

Miroku laughed.

Just then, two brightly dressed little girls came running out of the house.  “Daddy! Doggie Uncle!  Mama says come! Come see the pretty baby!” they said excitedly.

“I guess that’s our signal,” Miroku said, swooping his daughters up.  He turned to his friend.  “Welcome to fatherhood.  Let’s go see that son of yours.”

Nodding, InuYasha stood, and let himself be led back into the house.

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