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Drabble: Of Steam and Oni

Originally written for IYhed.  IK of course!

Of Steam and Oni

It had been a long day.  A oni had wandered into the area and  grabbed a woman on her way to the shrine at the base of the mountain, heedless of the fact that this was Inu Youkai territory. After a short chase, InuYasha dispatched the oni, and Kagome took care of the woman, more frightened than hurt, and returned her to her family.

But all that was over.  After  finally getting an overexcited Atae to sleep, they had some time to unwind. The first step to this involved hot water. They sat in the steamy bath, and Kagome let her head rest against InuYasha’s chest.

“This is good,” she said, letting her fingers drift along his leg.  “Almost makes the day worthwhile.  But not quite.”

He pulled her closer to him with one arm, and let his fingers wander along her thigh.

“Keh,” he said. “But I could think of something more worthwhile.”  His hand slipped between her legs as his nose nuzzled her ear.

“Only if you rub my back,” she replied.

“Only if you promise not to fall asleep.” He brushed her wet hair away from her neck to plant soft kisses.  “I remember last time.”

“Maybe you need to make it more interesting,” she said, wriggling against him.  “Maybe there are some other places that might like a rubbing.”

“Maybe we should go down by the garden,” he said, running his lips over her shoulder. “Wouldn’t want Atae to wake up when you can’t keep quiet.  Don’t want him running in thinking there’s an oni after his mother.”

“You mean there isn’t?” she said coyly.

“Oi, woman, I’ll show you oni,” he said, grabbing her tightly.

“No thanks,” she replied.  “I much rather Inu hanyou.”

“Good answer,” he replied, and lifted her out of the tub.

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