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So I'm a bit past halfway done on this scarf I'm knitting...

It's a lovely eggplant purple, although the label calls it amethyst.

Next, I think I'll knit a knit cap, something I can call a monmouth cap for my hubby's reenacting gear.  It'll also be using larger yarn, but on dps instead of two needles.  If I base the hat on the pattern I'm thinking about, I'll probably use 9 double pointed needles; that way I won't have to  use stitch markers to mark the decreases.  It looks intimidating, but you still only knit 2 needles at a time, no matter what you're doing.

Waiting on an ergonomic keyboard for my upstairs writing sanctuary.  I type on one of these here because it helps with my carpal tunnel symptoms,  and now I have trouble typing on regular keyboards...LOL.  But If I'm going to do serious writing up there, I guess I need a serious keyboard.

All but one of my Arthurian references have come in and I am ready to rock and roll on my story.  So it's a good thing the keyboard will be here soon.

I need to write upstairs.  At least there I can escape Facebook for a little while...LOL.
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