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The Station Fire

Been following the progress of the Station Fire that started in the Angeles National Forest, and has been burning the last couple of days. Turning into a big fire, too. 5000 acres the last I heard. Two webcams let you see the smoke cloud pretty well:

Rather impressive.

Here's the latest update I found on it:

“Station Fire” Update
(as of August 29, 2009, 1:00 p.m.)

• The “Station Fire” started at approximately 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 26, 2009

• Approximately 7,000 acres have burned; 5% containment; fire is largely fuel driven; currently no significant winds

• Per instruction from County public safety personnel, the City of La Cañada Flintridge is announcing an immediate mandatory evacuation notice for residences on: Ocean View Blvd. n/o Bristow Dr., including Bristow Dr., Derwood Dr., Manistee Dr., and Highrim Rd.; generally e/o Palm Dr. at Ravista Ln., n/o Vista Del Valle, and w/o Angeles Crest Highway; Greenridge Dr., Forest Green Dr., Ridge Ct., and Starlight Crest Dr. (through address 502); Big Briar Way (off Haskell St.); La Canada Blvd. n/o El Vago St., Donna Maria Ln., Indian Dr., Alta Canyada Rd. n/o El Vago St., Hacienda Dr., Linda Vista Dr., and Alta Canyada Rd. n/o Linda Vista Dr. Residents in these areas are asked to assemble their families and leave the area. An evacuation center is set up at La Cañada High School, located at 4463 Oak Grove Dr., where
the Red Cross is ready to receive those coming from the evacuation area. Please heed directions from Sheriff’s deputies and fire personnel to ensure that all residents are able to depart in a safe manner.

• According to Mr. John Velasco of JPL, the Lab will be closed until at least Sunday evening.

• Fire personnel are battling the fire near Alta Canyada; thus far their efforts are holding

• Units for structure protection are in place and will remain and be supplemented as necessary

• 12 helicopters and 6 fixed wing aircraft will be in the air today

• All concerned residents should packed and be prepared to leave if a mandatory evacuation order is issued; La Cañada High School is set up and available to shelter evacuees (30 people have sought shelter); Crescenta Valley and John Muir High Schools are backup locations

• If you and your family are evacuated from your residence or business, please check in with the Red Cross at La Canada High School, even if you will be staying temporarily with family and friends at another location; this will assist in accounting for community members if necessary

• The Pasadena Humane Society is available at La Canada High School for pet care/shelter

• Review your individual preparedness plan and continue to monitor local news and this website for updates

• 164 homes have lost electricity in the Country Club area. No timeframe for restoration as SCE cannot enter this area due to fire danger.

• The City will continue to notify residents via its reverse 911 system with critical public safety information (calls to land lines only)

Please return to the City’s website for updates on the Station Fire, on the hour. Next update – 2:00 p.m.

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