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Reviews like this are one of the reasons why I keep writing.

Been doing enough grinching, here's a feelgood moment:

Inuyasha is so caring..that's the thing with your stories too. They are so
realistic to me. As if the manga really did keep going and things like this
would happen to them ,and they would say things like this and mean things like
that and be together like this. This is how it should be, and I love it

It's so nice to see something like that for every now and then.  I don't have to see it every day, but once in awhile, it just feels good to know you met your target, both in what you wanted to say, and in how it was perceived, and it's appreciated.  May all reviewers who take the time out to say whatever it is we most want to here when we do it right be richly blessed.

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