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Oneshot: Snowed In

IK.  Winter evening in January 1564, our couple find themselves alone on a snowy night....

Snowed In

“Yuki-Onna’s on the prowl tonight,” InuYasha said, as he slid the door closed.  “The snow is coming down really heavy. I’m glad you didn’t go down to the village after all.  You’d have been stuck there all night.”

Kagome stirred the pot simmering over the fire pit.  “I know Sango and Miroku wouldn’t have minded.”

“Keh,” InuYasha said, shaking the snow off his shoulders.  “They might not have, but I would have.”

She looked up at him and smiled.  “You just don’t want to cook your own dinner.”

He stepped up out of the beaten dirt of the entry way and  on the wooden floor of the main room.  “I would have managed,” he replied, going over to the sword rest to put up his sword. “And you know that’s not what I would have missed the most.”

Kagome just shook her head. “I just feel bad that we had to leave Atae down with them.  It’s enough that Miroku is teaching him three days a week.”  She sat out their trays, dipping rice and soup out.

InuYasha walked across the room and sat down in his seat.  “Nothing to be done for it this time of year.  There’ll be days the weather is just like today.”

“I know,” she said.  “But I miss him.  The house is too quiet when he’s not here.  No shouting about the Oni King and the Peach Boy.  No tops whirring across the floor.  No ‘tell me a story’ while I’m sewing.”

“Me, too,” InuYasha said, picking up his rice bowl.  “If the snow stops, I’ll go and pick him up in the morning.  It’ll be good weather to go hunting.  It’s time he learns about where the deer hide in winter.”

“He’d like that,” she said, sipping her soup.

Their conversation drifted off while they concentrated on eating, listening to the wind rattle the house from time to time, and the soft silence that filled the air when it was still.  Kagome washed and put away their dishes, and InuYasha brought in enough wood to last them the night.  She walked over to her sewing table and was about to light the lamp when InuYasha slipped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.  She finished lighting the lamp and turned around in his embrace.

“We have a long, cold snowy night ahead of us,” he said.  “And we’re all alone.”  His eyes glittered in the lamplight.

“You have something in mind to pass the time?” she asked.

“I could tell you a story,” he said, slipping his fingers into her hair, “all about this poor, lonely confused guy who met the love of his life while he was pinned to a tree.”

Kagome smiled up at him. “Oh yeah?  And will you include the part where he insulted her and threatened her with his claws, and he pouted?”

“He did not pout,” he said, smiling wryly.

“Oh yes he did.  A lot at first.”  She reached up and kissed his chin.

“You want to tell the story?” he asked, sliding his hands down her back.

She shook her head no.“How about you demonstrate some of the good parts?”

“Like what?” he said.  He pulled her closer, letting his lips brush across her forehead.

She leaned into his embrace.“Like the night when the love of his life returned after being away for three years.” 

“That’s one of my favorite parts,” he said, letting his hands run down her back in soft, gentle strokes.

“Mine too. I’ll get the futon out,” she said.  “This story may take awhile.”  Kagome turned and walked to the cabinet.

“Longer is better,” he acknowledged, and walked back to the fire pit to make sure the fire would burn a good long time.

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