knittingknots (knittingknots) wrote,

Kaou and InuYasha's Wounded Heart

I've written a series of 4 poems on this.

InuYasha's Wounded Heart: A Poem Series

(based on manga chapters 472-474)


InuYasha is waylaid by Kaou and wrapped up in vines

Twisting into her heart like a knife
Was the pain she saw there,
Those tears of blood etching down his cheeks,
Pain the monster drank in like wine,
Grief the monster savoured like a banquet,
Grief her beloved friend could not resist
Grief he wrapped around him like an invisible cloak,
One he thought only he could see.

Oh the pain,
How his conflicted heart
grieved with his failure,
grieved with remorse,
how someone died because of love of him
and his strong hand
was powerless to prevent the slide into darkness,
and in his longing to save her,
all he could do was offer a loving heart,
a warm arm,
and tears,
and it was not enough.


Kagome Fights to Reach Where Kaou has taken InuYasha. InuYasha hears Kagome and fights back.

Kagome, Kagome,
Your name is like a rhyme,
Kagome, Kagome,
Coming just in time,
Like a fiery arrow
Piercing through his pain,
Kagome, Kagome,
You'll save his heart again.

Kagome, Kagome,
Your voice is like a charm
Kagome, Kagome
That calls him back from harm.
He struggles from the depths
When you call out to his soul.
Kagome, Kagome,
Your love will make him whole.


Kaou threatens to describe the pain in Kagome's Heart

Grief becomes an annealing fire
That strips away the pain
in righteous anger.

The Miko stands outraged
At he who would rape her sorrow
And show her pain.

In the fire of her convictions
She will not let her sorrow
Be another's toy.

Arrows charged by a great soul fly
With purifying light,
Love's determination.


InuYasha shares his grief and apologizes

Opening a grief-marked heart is hard,
But he looks into the stormy blue of her eyes
And sees a love that refuses to be called scarred
From giving love where love is needed, and he sighs.
Even headstrong hanyous sometime see the light
That he is not alone with grief, for she is there,
She will call him from the brink of the darkest night
To save him from his sorrows with gentle care.
He watches her amazed, this woman-child
Her fierce heart so strong and undefiled.
Tags: inuyasha/kagome, manga, poem

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