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We're drying onions today....

What fun.  Peeling and chopping (with my handy veggie cleaver, much better than any slicer that's not sealed), and the house air smells too yummy, like a potroast or something you put lots of onions in is cooking.  This does mean we're going to have pork and onions and something for dinner, or something like that.

We bought a big bag of onions the other day at the fruit stand we like to use...and 50 lbs of hard wheat and a food mill.  I'm going to have to dig out the directions for using my breadmaker soon.  Our pantry right now is filled with dried greens and squash and radish and other stuff...tomatoes have finally started to ripen (been a tough year for them...the weather doesn't know if it's spring, summer or fall), and there are pumpkins in the pumpkin patch getting yellow...

How earthmother of me...and earthfather, cause Hubby's doing a lot of it.

But I get to cut the onions.  LOL
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