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Caught in the Rain

IK.  Sequel to Homeward Bound

Caught in the Rain

It had been a stormy night, but shortly after sunrise, the wind died and the sky cleared.  Kagome enjoying the time she had before Atae woke up and her day began in earnest, stepped out on the veranda to watch the early morning sky.  The air was brisk with the cold of an early February morning, but it had the crispness and brilliance that whispered that Spring was coming, and the darkness of winter was fading.

Kagome took a deep breath, happy to let go of her winter thoughts. This was one winter she was glad to be letting go.  She looked forward to a new spring and summer without the shadow of the bandit attack hanging over her and her husband.  She then turned and looked down the road to see a figure in red walking up the path towards the house.  Surprised, she smiled, watching him as he walked towards her.  As he grew closer, she could see how his clothes were wet and a little mud-splashed, and his hair lay limp against his back, not yet dried out.  He moved slower than usual, tired, until he spotted her, and a warm smile broke over his face and he hurried up.

“What am I going to do with you?” she said softly, knowing he had traveled all night long to get home this early, not yet comfortable with being separated from her more than a day or two at a time.

A little silver head popped out of the door, and Atae stood there rubbing his eyes.  “Mama,” he said, in way of greeting, then looked down the road.  “Daddy!”

He bounded off the veranda and down the path to be caught up in his father’s arms. 

“Well there, little guy,” InuYasha said.  His voice was happy but tired.  “You took care of your mama for me while I was gone?”

The child wrapped his arms around his father’s neck.  “Yeah!” he said.

They walked up to the veranda.  Kagome didn’t say anything, but merely looked up at her husband, seeing the fatigue and relief and happiness in her husband’s eyes.

“I...I just needed to get home,” he said.

She reached up, ran her finger along his cheek and into his wet hair.  “I’m glad you’re back.” 

She leaned forward and kissed his chin.  He kissed her forehead, and sighed.  Atae, deciding to be a part of it all, cried, “Mama!” and reached out for her.  His shirt had gotten noticeably wet.

InuYasha noticed it as he passed the child to Kagome.  “I got pretty soaked in the rain getting home.”

Kagome just laughed.  “Well, let’s get inside.  You heat up the bathwater, and I’ll start breakfast.  I think both Daddy and baby are going to need some hot water.”

“Yeah,” he said.  He leaned close, but not touching.  “Maybe later, Mama will have some time for Daddy?”

“We’ll see,” she said with a wicked smile.  Turning, she walked back into the house.

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