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Drabble: Peachy

IK.  Written for IYhedonism.


InuYasha  stood in the doorway, dirty, tired, and hungry.  She looked up at him, surprised and happy.  “You’re back!” she said, and stood up.  “I didn’t expect you back for at least two more days.”

“Keh,” he replied as he took off his sword.

For a moment, they gazed into each other’s eyes, but as the seconds passed, something in the way they looked at each other shifted and heated.  He crossed the room amazingly fast.

Kagome raised her hand, brushed it along his cheek.  “I missed you,” she said softly.

InuYasha caught her hand in his. “Wife,” he whispered then pulled Kagome into his arms. His hand cupped the back of her head as he lowered his mouth to hers, greedily taking in her taste and touch as if starved for more than food.  His tongue danced across her lips, and then slid along the wetness of her own. She responded just as hungrily, drinking in his taste.

They broke the kiss for a moment. “Husband,” Kagome acknowledged. One of her hands slid softly into his silver hair and wrapped around his neck as their mouths found each other again. One kiss led to the next, and then another.  Soon his  fingers were tugging at the strings of her wrap skirt, hers at the ties of his jacket.

He backed off for a second.  “I’ve got something for you.”  He reached into his jacket, and pulled out a ripe peach, and ran his hand along the center seam, then handed it to her.  “It reminded me of something,” he continued.

She cupped the fruit in both hands.  “What?”

He finished loosening her wrap skirt and held her bottom firmly in his hands.  “This,” he said, and with another hungry kiss, lowered her to the floor to demonstrate his appreciation.
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