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Oneshot: Disapproval

IK.  Takes place not very long after Kagome's return


They walked into the little house, not saying anything.

The sun was getting low, but it was not yet dark, so after Kagome  put up her basket, she opened the shutter to the window to let the last of the light in.  InuYasha sat down next to the fire pit and split some sticks in half to use to bring the fire back to life.  Stirring the coals from the fire earlier that day, he bent over, and blew gently, feeding the glowing embers the small bits of wood.  With a little coaxing, they soon were smoldering and then caught flame.  He sat back up and grabbed a larger piece of wood.

For the moment, Kagome  tended to the lamp, making sure it was ready to light for when the room grew darker.  She looked at her husband concentrating on his fire making and sighed.  “You’re still mad at me, aren’t you?” she said, walking back over to her place at the fire pit.

“I never was mad at you to begin with,” he said, tossing on a final piece of wood.  “The water bucket needs  filling?”

“I guess so,” she said, looking.   “Maybe there’s enough to fix the rice, but there won’t be enough to fix breakfast.”  She poured some of the water into a bowl that she would wash the rice in, and then handed it to him.  “If you’re not mad at me, why’d you look at me like that?” she asked, as she took out the rice to measure.

InuYasha stood up and sighed.  “I dunno.  It just sounded wrong.”

Kagome measured out rice, and poured it into the bowl, and swished the grains around, then carefully poured it off into a tub she used for waste water.  “Why?”she asked as she dumped the rice into the rice pot.

He took a deep breath.  “Look, it’s like he’s always looking at me like he’s never going to approve of me.   It doesn’t matter if I’ve saved his butt in the past.  I’m never good enough, or right enough.   And look at him.  Thinks he’s – ” He clenched his fist “Forget it.  I’m just not good at this explaining stuff.  I’m not mad at you, all right?”

Kagome looked at him quietly for a moment, then let out a breath and stood up. Quickly walking over to him, she brushed his bangs out of his eyes.  “I’m sorry, InuYasha.  I just didn’t think of it that way.”

Her hands slunk through his hair, and his face leaned into her touch.  She reached up and gently kissed him on the lips.  “Go get the water, and I’ll finish dinner,” she said.

He returned her kiss, gently.  “Yeah,” he replied, kissing her forehead, then heading out of the house.

Kagome settled down by her cooking things, and began to laugh.  Shippou had looked rather funny, though, transforming into her hanyou.  “You were rather foxy there, Shippou-InuYasha,” she muttered, thinking about the kitsune’s transformation that afternoon, when he had appeared as a mirror image, almost, of her hanyou, “no matter what my husband says.  InuYasha with a fox-tail.”  Shaking her head, she went on with her work.

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