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Poem: Warm Fire

Not IY, but just as waffy, probably.

Warm Fire

I do not remember everything about that day,
when I tasted you for the first time,
felt the warmth of your tongue
dancing with mine,
the heady sensation of my heart beating
as your hands explored
and my hands fumbled,
each kiss tumbling us closer
into that white hot heat
neither one of us wanted to step back from.

I remember your hat
and your vest,
and the shyness in your smile,
and how your hands felt on my breasts,
and the feel of my thighs wrapped around you,
and the bliss in your eyes,
yes, that I remember best.

It’s still there,
warm and friendly after all this time,
even after so many nights together –
I warm myself at it’s fire
and know that I am loved.
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