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Drabble: Catching up

Originally written for  for IYhedonism.  IK of course.    Takes place early spring, 1565.

Catching Up

Kagome felt his youki rising, pressing against her aura even before he walked through the door. She looked up as he entered.  The look in his eyes was raw, dark and hungry.  It’d been so long, almost six months. But tonight, their son Atae and infant daughter were with Sango. 

The moon was full, spilling into the room.  She sat there, and said nothing, but she was dressed in silk he had given her right after their wedding, and her hair was pinned up to expose her neck.  There were cushions scattered about, invitingly.  She smiled at him as he put Tessaiga in the sword rest, admiring his control when she could feel his hunger just watching him, his graceful gait, the unobtrusive way he scented the air, being so careful to make sure he knew what it was that she wanted.

Her body tingled at the sheer masculinity of him as he walked towards her, still not speaking.  But she too felt it, the raw want.  She stood up, unfastened her obi, and let the silk rustle to her elbows.  Before she could do more, he was on her, his mouth on hers, his arms pulling her into his embrace, his need pressing hard against her.

“I thought you’d never get back,” she said as he carried her to the floor, his hips bucking against her in his need.

“Me either,” he replied as he fumbled for his own obi.  “I thought Sango was going to have to brain him before he let me get out. She – ”

Grabbing his hair, she swallowed whatever he was going to tell her in one hard, demanding kiss.  She and InuYasha  had a lot of time to make up for and only one night free to start the catching up.  Sango could wait.
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