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Drabble: Morning Freshness

Waffy waffy  morning after piece....originally written for IYhed's Fresh prompt

Morning Freshness

It was not yet full light, but InuYasha was already awake, looking down at the proof of the amazing turn in his life that happened the day before.  His  fingers played along Kagome’s bare shoulder in the grey early morning light.  It had rained while they slept – the air which drifted in through the window was fresh and clean, speaking of newness.

‘Like my life,’ he thought as he bent over to plant a small delicate kiss on the warm skin at the top of her shoulder.  Fresh, yes, that was the right word – the pain and darkness of the last few years were gone.

Kagome rolled over onto her back, not yet awake enough to open her eyes.  The cover was pulled down to her waist and he looked at her, really looked at her, the soft creaminess of her skin, the pink rosebuds adorning her breasts, the pool of black which draped across the pillow and onto the floor.  His body began to stir as memories from the night before of how her body felt surrounding his flashed in his mind and before he knew what he was doing, his hand reached out, and gently, gently, traced the line of one of those lovely mounds, felt the nipple harden under his finger.  Her eyes fluttered open, and her lips broke into a smile to rival the sunrise.

“Good morning, InuYasha,” she said sleepily.

“Yeah, a really good morning,” he replied. And as he leaned forward, and let his lips brush against the warm waiting lips of the woman next to him, and found her mouth opening to feel his tongue and rediscover his taste, and her arms wrapped around his neck to draw him closer,  he knew that this was a freshness he would never get tired of experiencing.

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