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Ganked from Kiramaru7: Conclusion Meme

More story analysis memage!  Concluding words of your last 20 stories.

Like with the opening one, I shall have some analysis at the end.  Sometimes I used the last sentence, sometimes a little more.

She just laughed. “Last one in is a rotten egg!” she said, and ran to jump into the swimming hole.

Crisis dealt with for the moment, Kagome wrapped her arm around his waist and walked off into the evening with her husband.

“Because I’m young in my sins,” Miroku replied. “And I’m not ready to let you go.”

He sighed, grabbed a laundry basket, and followed her out of the house.

And taking one last swig from her sake bottle, she walked off in search of another story.

For a moment, InuYasha contemplated what it might take to get Kagome alone in the bathing room. But laying back down and watching the clouds roll by, he decided it was just too hot to try.

“Indeed,” he replied. And then he kissed her again.

“The night is our true element, we bakemono,” he muttered. “ Even when we’re thwarted, we slink into the darkness and begin our plans anew. Vengeance will be mine!”

And as the miko prayed for her sister, Kagome would look up at her husband and think about the ways her life now was indeed in a way a gift from the poor tragic woman who had befriended a hanyou, and quietly, too softly even for her husband to hear, she would whisper, “Thank you.”

Kagome just looked demurely at the ground, but Rin couldn’t suppress a giggle.

Smiling at him fondly, she turned and went to get their bedding.

She smiled.

“Yeah,” she said, resting her head against his shoulder as she looked back at her hoe and the weeds in her garden. Some things would just have to wait. She let him lead her towards the house. “Now tell me, what was that about a deer?”

“Must have been an exhausting night,” Miroku said. Turning, he left, but they could hear his laughter as he walked down the mountain and to his own house.

He followed her back to the sleeping room. Now this, he thought, was much better than a sit. Much better. Thinking briefly about what a fool he had been when he was younger, he slid the door shut.

“There is that,” he agreed, and kissing her on a clean patch of her forehead, he carried her into the house.

He looked at her appreciatively, at how her skin glistened in the late afternoon light, beaded with pearls of water. “Yeah it will,” he said, swallowing hard, but handing her a towel. “It really will.”

Perhaps, he thought, maybe the hot spring could wait just a little while.

As he walked in the garden, he thought about reality and assumption, the real face behind what people show to the world, and wondered if this was part of the lesson his father wanted him to learn.

And he knew most certainly that no matter where they lived, or what fate had in store for them, wherever she was, was his true home.

14 do not mention the characters by name.

6 mention at least 1 character by name.

13 have two or more characters either directly or indirectly  acting in the scene.

9 have dialogue in them.

12 have Kagome involved in the scene as a character doing something.

2 have Kagome  being thought about.

13 have InuYasha involved.

1 has Sesshoumaru (unnamed).

2 have Rin (once unnamed).

2 have Miroku

1 has Kaede

2 have original characters.

5 sentences start with introductory phrases or dependent clauses.

3 start with And

2 sentences start with She

3 start with He

5 start with dialogue

The shortest is 2 words.

The longest sentence has 54 words.


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