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Drabble: Rice Time

Written for the sfx challenge at First Tweak for the work paa! (sparkle)

IK, of course!

Rice Time

The water sparkled in the paddy lands surrounding the village, the surfaces of each broken by small green plants sticking their heads up.  It was June and the rice planting was done.

Kagome stretched the kinks out of her back as she moved away from the vista and back towards the house, still sore from bending down for hours planting.  Everybody related to Kaede who could possibly work had come together to plant all the fields in the family, one after another, from the headman’s to the poorest small farmer,  including the plot allocated to the old miko.  Since she had been adopted into Kaede’s extended family, she and InuYasha also showed up. There had been some grumbling, but  not much, at the audacity of someone with youkai blood being there, but the last harvest was good and every hand mattered.  The seedlings had to be planted, and there wasn’t a lot of time to get the job done.

But now it was over, and she could get out of her muddy clothes and wash the dirt out of her hair and skin. 

InuYasha came up, and gently wrapped his arms around her.  “Atae’s asleep,” he said.  “I think he got worn out playing with all the kids.”

“Good,” she replied, leaning into his arms.  “I need a nap myself.”  She wiped her hand on the hip of her robe, trying to knock off a smudge of mud. “After a bath.”

“I started the water heating,” he said, nuzzling her neck.  “Want me to wash your back?”

“You can carry me there, wash all of me, and put me to bed,” she said.  “I always forget how hard rice planting is.”

His amber eyes were amused.  “Wait til harvest time,” he said, picking her up bridal style. “I remember the blisters on your fingers last year.”

“At least we won’t be walking through muddy water,” she replied, leaning her head against his shoulder.

“There is that,” he agreed, and kissing her on a clean patch of her forehead, he carried her into the house.

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