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First lines meme

Ganked from forthrightly , although I'm not handling it the way she did. This made me put on my writing teacher's hat. So if you're not into analysis, you might like to skip this all together.

List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

Kagome knew exactly how many steps it was from the stream to where she had her laundry tub sitting in the shade of the old oak tree.

It was that transition time between winter and spring.

She was standing along side of the swimming hole, letting the sun dry her hair when she saw it.

Outside the winds howled as the winter storm buffeted the little house, snuggled in a clearing in the forest about halfway between Kaede's village and their new home in the mountains.

The early morning light filtered through the high window of the bathing room.

It was a small voice, but clearly heard, even over the sounds of metal work.

Sunlight filtered into the room.

Kagome twirled the flower in her hand.

The youkai moved warily through the shadows, looking for his next victim.

His tongue traced the curve of her breast, drawing a warm line up to the rosy peak, then swirled around her nipple until his mouth closed over it.

“I am old in my sins,” said Mushin, throwing back another drink out of the jug.

He walked into the laundry room.

It was a beautiful afternoon, warm, almost hot, with no hint of rain.

Atae jumped up before Kagome sensed anything.

Midwinter days were just so short.

They stood there in the darkness.

The hoe lay on the ground next to the dark green leaves of the daikon plants.

The late afternoon sun filtered through the trees, dappling the clearing with shifting light as the breeze blew through the branches.

InuYasha stood on the rock edge, looking over the ravine below.

Yoshimatsu walked through the neglected garden on the temple grounds.


The dominant pattern is for sentences of subject- action verb without introductory phrases.

Longest sentence has 31 words. The shortest has 5.

5 of them start off with a named subject.

4 have unnamed people as subjects

5 use non-action verbs, (was, were)

7 involve naturalistic description, either of season or light or weather.

3 start with it.

1 subject is an inanimate object that is not weather or season or light related.

1 starts with dialogue.

5 involve Kagome, either mentioned by name or pronoun.

4 involve InuYasha, either mentioned by name or pronoun.

5 involve characters who are not InuYasha or Kagome.

2 involve OCs.

None start with a dependent clause.

I think it shows a nice mix myself. I'm not surprised at the naturalistic setting stuff. I'm kind of into that sort of thing.
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