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Poem: To the Rescue

IK Silliness!

To the Rescue

A triangular ear twitched while he sat by a tree
watching the clouds and the flight of a bee,
he heard a soft voice all tangled with fear,
he heard the soft whimper of his loved one so dear.
And then with a flash of bright silver and red
he ran through the brambles to take off the head
of whatever it was that  was troubling his joy,
whether monster or minion or even a boy.

He crashed through the brush with a strong manly jump,
hit an old rotting log with a loud cracking thump,
stopped a deer in its tracks as it hid by a tree –
his sword glinted in sunlight as bright as can be.
He stepped over a kitsune who was taking a nap
and found his poor true love moaning with a bug on her lap.

“InuYasha!” she cried, “Make it go, go away!
But don’t kill it, don’t hurt it cause it’s cute in its way,
But it gives me the willies and it’s too big to shoo –
Make it go far away. I know you’ll know what to do.”
He looked at her eyes, stormy gray, wet and sad,
and thought of the bug, how it made her feel bad.
He scratched his white head and his ears laid down flat,
as he thought how to move the bug without getting sat.

He thought of his sword, but that would not do –
he might just accidently cut his true love in two.
He thought of his claws that could cut through hard steel,
but they might give  her a scratch that just never would heal.
If he just picked it up from her lap, would she blush?
The thought gave him quite a sweet heavenly rush.

None of these seemed to be the true answer he sought,
but he took a deep breath at a lone simple thought.
He sheathed his bright sword and took her fair hand
and lifted her up until she just  had to stand.
The bug – it was startled, spread wings, flew away.
InuYasha, our hero, once more saved the day.
And Kagome, one not to let opportunity miss,
rewarded our hero with one sloppy kiss.

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