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Drabble: Unable to Let Go

Takes place shortly before the beginning of vol. 558.  A slightly different version of this was written for ed_ficlets

Unable to Let Go

It was that transition time between winter and spring. Almost, but not quite, the anniversary of the day when everything changed.  Almost, but not quite, three years.

InuYasha  ran his hands across the dry wood of the well’s lip.  He could feel the magic in it still.  It wasn’t dead, but as he stared into the well’s darkness, he knew that if he jumped, he would land on the dirt.  The magic no longer let him through.

“Kagome,” he murmured.  Her scent had long since vanished from the wood, but he brought her image to mind, and remembered her smile, and her eyes, and her bright voice. Thinking of her hurt, an ache that wouldn’t go away.  But he couldn’t let go – let go of the want, the love or the hope that one day, the well would open back up.  He leaned his head against the wood and sighed.

Suddenly he sat up as he heard a familiar jingle coming in behind him.  Frowning, he turned around, and stuffed his hands into his sleeves.

“Ah, there you are,” Miroku said.  “We’ve been asked to do an exorcism.”

InuYasha stood up and looked at his friend hard. “Are you crazy?  Sango’s about to have a baby, and you want to go out of town?”

The monk shrugged. “She and the twins are in good hands here. We have to make our living when the opportunity knocks.  Coming?”

“Sure,” the hanyou said.  His voice did not hide his disapproval, but then he remembered when the twins came and how Miroku behaved.  Maybe, he thought, it was a good thing after all. “Why not?  I guess this is better than sitting on you while she’s in labor.”

Miroku just shook his head, and patted his friend on the shoulder, and together they set off.

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