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Drabble: I Found It -- It's Mine

IK silliness.  Takes place the first summer she is back in the past.  Originally written for IYhedonism

I Found It – It’s Mine!

She was standing along side of the swimming hole, letting the sun dry her hair when she saw it.

The long strip of white cloth laying on the ground beckoned, and Kagome, grinning wickedly, picked it up.  There was a splash, and two strong arms, bare and damp, wrapped around her, snagging the cloth in her hand.  She could feel the hard length of his body against her back, and as the water that clung to his body dampened the thin cloth of her kosode, she shivered.

“Give it back,” InuYasha said, breathing into her ear.  “Give my fundoshi back.”

“No, it’s mine!  I found it!” she said, laughing.

“Oh yeah?  Well this is MINE,” he said, tugging at her obi.  “I found it.”  The belt fluttered to the ground.  “And this too,” he added, nudging the light cotton kosode off her shoulders.  It slipped down to her elbows.

His mouth drew a warm wet line down the curve of her neck.  One hand slipped under her robe and drew gentle claw tips across her tummy and up her side to rest at last on the soft skin of her breast.

Kagome gasped as he tweaked her nipple.  “So unfair,” she murmured.

“You started it,” he said, letting his hand drop lower towards her thighs.

“I couldn’t resist,” she said, letting the robe slip all the way off.

“Me either,” he replied, and pulled her down to the ground to lie on top of her and it.

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