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So there I am....

Slowly retrying to reclaim what is supposed to be my private craft room/study/hidey-hole/place to escape from the internet which sort of got turned into the junk room.  Itchy.  Lots of boxes of what the hell do I do with this? laying around, and a lot of it isn't my stuff.  But I persevere.  It's an upstairs room a/k/a loft a/k/a family room that has no running water.  Perfect for me to use cause it makes me go up and down stairs multiple times a day heading for the little room downstairs.

One day, maybe I'll get it usable again.  I keep saying "If I only had this space I could write the great American Waff Novel about sword and sorcery and amazons and things that go bump in the night," but I suspect I'm kidding myself.  But perhaps I'll persevere.

Meanwhile, in honor of the hot weather, I'm writing a story set in a blizzard.

Such is life.

I hate junk room dust.  I have an amazing amount of sock yarn.

But I now have room to put up my quilting frame.  That must count for something.
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