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Drabble: Something Missing

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Something Missing

Sunlight filtered into the room.  InuYasha lay spooned up against Kagome, slowly drifting awake, unwilling to open his eyes as he enjoyed laying there, surrounded by her scent, her warmth, the steady beating of her heart.  Slowly other things eased into his awareness -- the sound of bird calls, the stillness of the morning air and  the earliness of the hour.  He could smell the ashes of the fire pit, and realized they never made it into the sleeping room the night before.

He was actually surprised his son hadn’t come bounding out of the sleep room to wake them up yet.  It was a good thing, too, considering their state of undress.  InuYasha brushed his lips gently against the top of Kagome's shoulder, planting feather-light kisses and moved up towards her ear.

"Tickles," she murmured, shrugging her shoulders and moving her head slightly,  rescuing her ear from his lips. She pulled the kosode they had used as a sheet tighter around her and snuggled  against him.  One arm, thrown over her as they slept, slid down the sheet to the top of her thigh, pulling her closer to him.  His fingers drew lazy patterns across the skin there, then slid back up to her tummy.  Kagome's breath caught once as she began to wake, and she made an interesting, pleased sound at his touch.  Placing a soft kiss on her shoulder, he sat part way up, propping his head up on one arm.

“Time to get up, Koibito.  Atae will be up any moment now. You might want to put some clothes on before he does.”  He sat up and grabbed his hakama.

Kagome rolled over on her back.  Opening her eyes, she smiled at him, sleepy-looking, but content.  “Is it my fault if you exhausted me last night, my wild husband?”

He gave her a smirky, satisfied grin and watched as she sat up and slipped the garment over her shoulders.  “You knew I was wild before you came back,” he said as he tucked his kosode into his hakama and fastened the ties.

She laughed as she slipped on her outer kosode.  InuYasha walked behind her and wrapped his arms around her.  “If you weren’t so damned delicious, maybe I wouldn’t get so carried away,” he murmured, letting his mouth run along her neck.  She shivered.

With a sigh, she pulled out of his grasp and moved over to the fire pit.  “I wonder why Atae’s not up yet?” Kagome said.

“Don’t know,” InuYasha replied, picking up his suikan.  “I’ll go check on him.”

Suddenly, there was a loud banging at the front of the house.

"InuYasha!" someone yelled.  It sounded like Miroku.  “I think you’ve lost something.”

They both looked as the door slid open and the monk walked in, a silver-haired boy firmly in tow.  “This belong to you, by any chance?”

InuYasha glowered at the boy.

Atae looked up, his eyes worried, but not cowed.  “I was hungry.  Nobody would wake up.”

Kagome blushed.

“Must have been an exhausting night,” Miroku said.  Turning, he left, but they could hear his laughter as he walked down the mountain and to his own house.

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