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Oneshot: Things to Learn

S/R  Takes place the first day Sessh and Rin have left Kaede's village and are alone together in their house on the mountain.  Takes place about the same night (or maybe the night before) my IK story Fireworks

Things to Learn

His mother, amazingly, had seen to the arrangements, having the houses on the mountain prepared for their arrival.  The one young youkai, awaiting them, bowed appropriately when the wanderers made their way up the mountainside, and when informed his services were not needed, left the small group of travelers to settle in.

And now, Sesshoumaru stood in the room of the house he had not stayed in for many years, but he might have left it yesterday.  Lamps burned to give light, reflecting on fresh tatami under his feet.  A single scroll hung up in its alcove, the image of spring flowers.  The fire pit held a small fire, with kettle at hand.  Rin circled around, taking it all in.

While she investigated, examining the scroll, opening doors and peering in to see the contents, he placed his swords in the sword stand, and removed his armor.

“This room is bigger than Kaede’s hut,” she said, breaking the silence.

He stood behind her, and lifted the long black hair through his fingers, raising it high enough to expose her neck.  “This is true, Rin.”

He could smell her nervousness and excitement.  It wrapped around her, like a heady perfume

“But where does Master Jaken stay?” she asked, turning slightly to look at him.

“He has his own accommodations.”  He let his fingers brush the nape of her neck, and she shivered at his touch, even though she tried to hide it.  “This house is just ours.”

“Ours,” she replied, very softly.  She looked up at him briefly, let the intensity in his golden eyes meet hers, then suddenly dropped them.  Her cheeks colored prettily.

One arm wrapped around her petite frame and pulled her back to his chest.  He could hear her breath quicken and her heart beat faster.  “Does this not please you?”

She rested her hand on top of his, and took a deep breath.  “It’s all so different.”

“Does the house not please you?” He ran his fingers along side of her cheek.

Suddenly, she giggled.  “Of course it pleases Rin, my lord. Rin just doesn’t know how to live with you in a house.  In fact, Rin has trouble imagining you living in a house at all.”

“Hn.  So you don’t think this Sesshoumaru knows how to live in a house?” he asked.  “This has been his house a long time.”

“Rin has never seen you stay in one, my lord.”  She turned in his arms, leaning her head on his chest and tried very hard not to giggle.

His arms wrapped around her.  She looked up and met his eyes.  “Rin is nervous, my Lord.  What if she does not please you?”

“Rin is perfect.  There is nothing for her to be nervous about.”  His lips brushed across her forehead.

She sighed.  “Rin does not know how to live with her lord in his house.” 

He leaned forward, and let his lips brush across her cheek.  “This Sesshoumaru does not know how to live in a house with his Rin.  Perhaps,” he said, watching as she looked up at him, feeling her relax into his arms, “this Sesshoumaru and Rin could learn to live in a house together.”

His lips found hers, and slowly, gently, they let their tastes mingle together and  explored this new freedom they had to be together this way.  When he broke the kiss, Rin, eyes closed, followed him, unwilling for the sweet contact to end.  This time, it was his turn to chuckle softly.

“That would be a very good thing indeed, my lord,” she said, once again blushing pretty when she realized what she had done.

“Indeed,” he replied.   And then he kissed her again.

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