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Poem: The Certainty of Winter

Not IK

The Certainty of Winter

The summer sunset
tints the clouds across the sky
red, red as the daylight dwindles.
Midsummer’s past,
and each day a little less, and I sigh
to watch the light as autumn kindles,
faintly, the first sparks of next winter.

Not yet autumn, no,
but the light holds that certain glow
that tells me of the waning year,
Something honey-like,
and all too soon the season will show
the signs of season’s change all to clear,
leaves will fall, and then winter.

Why anticipate,
why dwell upon the things that must be,
as one day follows another into that dark night?
I breathe deeply,
and try to step into the now and really see
the lush green and flowers here in my sight,
but my heart is touched by the certainty of winter.

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