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Drabble: Thunder Interruptus

Ah, the things that can go wrong at the wrong moment.  IK of course...

Thunder Interruptus

His tongue traced the curve of her breast, drawing a warm line up to the rosy peak, then swirled around her nipple until his mouth closed over it.  She moaned a little under his touch, arching up as his teeth lightly grazed the sensitive flesh.   One hand slid between her thighs, gently brushing the tender skin there. Her hands reached into his hair, brushing up the base of his ear, moving along those places that drove shivers down his back.

Suddenly the house shook with a loud boom as a thunderstorm rolled in.

Kagome shot up.  “My laundry!”

“Your what?” InuYasha said, rolling off.

“My laundry.  Didn’t you hear the thunder?”  She grabbed at her kosode.  “It took me all morning to do the wash.”

He pulled her back into his embrace.  “Forget  it.  It’ll just get wet again in the rain. Won’t hurt nothing.”  His mouth nibbled at her neck.

“And dirty from what the storm brings with it.”  She pulled free and stood up.  “We can bring it in now, or we can stay here and you can wash it yourself.”

Knowing defeat when he saw it, he grabbed for his kosode and hakama.  “Want some help?”

Kagome fastened her obi.  “Sooner we’re done, sooner we can get back to where we were.”

InuYasha shrugged into his shirt.  “Then what are we waiting for, woman?  Let’s get moving!”

Kagome pulled him close, for a moment, then kissed his chin.  “I thought you’d see it my way.”

He sighed, grabbed a laundry basket, and followed her out of the house.

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