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Poem: One Hot Night

One Hot Night

He examines her
as the hot moonlight
streams through the window,
breathless in the summer night.

She is dressed
in shadow and pearl,
nothing more,
the pale light highlighting
the soft lines,
the twin peaks of her breasts,
the outline of her nose,
the soft skin of a thigh.

His hand  ghosts  over
where the light lingers,
drawing a gentle line
from knee to hip
watching as she shifts in her sleep.

Laying his head next to hers,
he outlines her lips
draws his fingers across her lips,
tracing the line of her cheek.

“Too hot,” she murmurs,
wrinkling her nose and rolling over.

With a sigh, he kisses her shoulder,
then stares up at the moon
until he too goes once more to sleep.
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