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Drabble: Bad Afternoon

Written for psyco_chick32  .   Wait...what's this?  KK wrote an AU modern setting drabble?  Oh noes!  We've entered the Twilight (not the novel) Zone...cue the theme music.....Definitely Waffy Fluffy

Bad Afternoon

He walked into the laundry room.  It had been a long hot hard at the office and all he had really wanted to do was come home and wrap himself around Kagome, but when he got there, the apartment was empty.

InuYasha stepped outside of the apartment and onto the covered walkway and took a deep breath, then followed the trail down towards the laundry room.  There he found her, bending over a basket of laundry and staring at the dryer.  Her scent was full of anger and he could smell the faint trace of tears.

"Hi," he said softly.

Suddenly, his arms were filled with Kagome, as she piled into his chest and wrapped her arms around him. 

"It's been such a horrid day," she cried.  "First, my boss just wouldn't let me get to anything I was supposed to do, and the office manager chewed me out because I couldn't get the work out, and then I come home and do some laundry, and she did it again!  Pulled my clothes out before they were dry and just left them here to wrinkle.  Now I'll have to dry them all over again.  It's not fair!"

He sighed.  Yeah, his day had been crap, too, but he couldn't stand her tears.  Slowly, he let his hands run over her back and through her hair and just held on to her until she relaxed a little.

"It's ok, Kagome," he said, kissing her forehead.  "We'll take care of this later," he murmured.  He kissed her lips gently, a soft comforting kiss, then let her loose to pick up the laundry basket.  "How about we forget about what a bad day today has been and go out for dinner.  You know that little place you like so well?"

"Yeah," she said, sighing.  "That's a good idea.  And I know what I want for dessert."

He grinned, a wide toothy grin then hefted up the laundry basket.  "I'll remind you of that when we get home."

Crisis dealt with for the moment, Kagome wrapped her arm around his waist and walked off into the evening with her husband.

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