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Poem: Izayoi's Choice

Izayoi’s Choice

There in my garden
beneath the white of full moon,
I see you standing,
in the willow tree’s shadows
wrapping around you like silk.

And where the moonlight
strikes, caress of silver light
on your silver hair,
I see you for what you are,
not a child of the sunshine.

Creature of the night,
you move, stepping silently,
how effortlessly
crossing the space between us
as softly as the spring breeze.

They warned me of you,
pressing blessed charms in my hand,
had sutras chanted
spells invoked by ancient crones
hoping I might see the light.

They did not want me
to walk down this moonlit road,
no, not walk this road,
between the flowing willow
wrapped in shadows and sunrise.

The only sunrise
I crave now at this moment
is the warm sunrise
I see in your amber eyes.
You smile as you take my hand.
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