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Drabble: Giving In

A bit of fluff written for ed_ficlets

Giving In

It was a beautiful afternoon, warm, almost hot, with no hint of rain.  Kagome loved the peace . . . no sound but the sound of wind and birds and the stream which ran through the middle of the clearing.  Out here, far from the village and its farmers and gossips and prying eyes, it was easy for her to ask things she didn’t want to ask for in town.  She hoped it was easy for him to agree.  For the moment, though, the silver-haired man turned away from her as they sat in the sunshine.

“Please?” Kagome asked, holding him by the wrist. His right ear twitched. She watched as he took a deep breath.

Taking his free hand, InuYasha wrapped it around her waist, and lifted the both of them up.  She stood there, gazing into his eyes, not saying anything, but the wind tugged at her hair and she chewed on her bottom lip expectantly.

The hanyou took a deep breath – she looked beautiful and vulnerable and wanting, even wearing the red and white miko clothing. Looking first at the gentle restraint of her hand on his, he then looked up into her blue-gray eyes.  They were laughing still, but there was a hint, in her smile and her scent, of uncertainty and perhaps disappointment.

Ever since she returned to join his life, it pained him to disappoint her. “If you really want to,” he said, running a claw-tipped finger across her lips. 

“You know it,” Kagome replied.  She unfastened the red tie on her chihaya. 

InuYasha watched her, unable to move for a moment, tied down by the audacity of her actions as she untied the obi knot of her hakama.  Suddenly, as the red garment slid down to pool at her legs, his trance broke and he attacked the ties of his own clothing, throwing his suikan off and stepping out of his own hakama just as she stepped out of her last garment.

“You know you’re going to owe me for this,” he grumbled as he shrugged his undershirt off, pretending he didn’t enjoy the sight of his naked wife standing there in the sunshine.

She just laughed.  “Last one in is a rotten egg!” she said, and ran to jump into the swimming hole.

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