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Oneshot: Time for Lunch

Ah, a bit of IK family fluff.  Takes place May, 1565

Time for Lunch

The hoe lay on the ground next to the dark green leaves of the daikon plants.  A butterfly flicked over the mustard lazily.  In the shade, Kagome rocked slightly back and forth as she held her baby to her breast. 

“Aren’t you a spoiled little girl?” Kagome said as she looked down at her daughter and brushed a lock of hair out of her face.  “Just expect Mama to stop what she’s doing and change and feed you cause you want to.”  Her voice sounded amused.

She looked up, and saw them walking towards the house, silver-haired husband, silver-haired son, and white dog, all walking towards her with their ears up and at attention.

Yukika finished, and Kagome closed her kosode and put the child over her shoulder to burp.  “You’re not the only spoiled kid who wants some lunch,” she said, standing up.  “It’s a good thing that I have that stew on cooking, or I’d never get my work done today.”

Atae, his silver hair flying behind him, ran up with his dog Yoshio.  “Mama, Mama!  We saw a deer, and it was this big!   I almost got it, but it smelled Yoshio and ran away,” he said.  “But I found a rabbit.” He held up his catch.

Right then Yukika gave a big belch.  Atae, for some reason, found this immensely amusing.  Yoshio, less impressed, found a stick and began to gnaw it.

Kagome, shifting Yukika to one hip tousled his hair with his free hand.  “Go wash up.  It’s almost time for lunch.  After that you’re going down to the village to Uncle Miroku’s.”

The boy made a face.  “Do I have to?”

“You know you do.  Now that Uncle Miroku’s home from visiting Mushin-sama, it’s time your lessons start back.  It’s just as important for you to learn to read as it is for you to hunt.”

Atae sighed.  InuYasha walked up and rested a hand on his son’s back.  “Go do what your mother says, little guy,” he said, and the boy, giving in walked into the house, with his dog trailing behind.  Little Yukika gurgled and reached towards her father.  “Well, how’s my little flower doing?” he said as he took her from his wife’s arms.

“She’s clean, full, and ought to be getting sleepy pretty soon if somebody doesn’t get her all excited,” Kagome said.

His free arm wrapped around his wife. “Ah, maybe I ought to excite the big girl instead.”  His brushed gently across her forehead then gently along the side of her cheek. “She’s more fun to excite anyway,” he said, breathing into her ear.

She shivered, but batted him away.  “Not until after you get Atae down to Miroku’s house.”

“Uhmm, something to look forward to.  Almost as good as your stew.  Let’s go in.  I’m hungry.”

“Yeah,” she said, resting her head against his shoulder as she looked back at her hoe and the weeds in her garden. Some things would just have to wait.   She let him lead her towards the house.  “Now tell me, what was that about a deer?

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