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Poem: Love in 5-7-5

Love in 5-7-5

Love is a twisting --
hope and want and need and tears
braided in heartstrings

I saw your eyes flash
in the summer afternoon,
and knew I was caught

As the midnight calls
the scent of your loneliness
echos in my heart

Under the moonlight
Like a silver mirrored dream,
You showed me my heart

In my dreams I saw
moonlight shining on water
and you there, waiting

As the moon rose,
We put away our sorrow
In our time alone

I searched in the dark --
you were just beyond my grasp,
but then, morning came.

Do not walk away
into the night without me
lost in midnight’s call

My night dream of you
just a pale imitation
shatters in your light

Time winds around heart
As I fall into your eyes
Awash in your tears.

Shyness in the light--
a handful of red flowers
speaking promises

When you touch my cheek
My heart forgets its hard pain
Warmed by your soft smile

In your eyes I see
the end of winter's bleakness,
your smile my new spring

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