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Ah, holiday...

I'm bored.

I'm wrestling with a revision that demanded I put in an entirely new chapter into this story I'm revising before it will let me go further.  I've given in.  Maybe half way there.

My fluff bunny must be off drinking pina coladas somewhere getting ready to watch fireworks, cause she isn't anywhere helping me do what I want to do (write fluff for an escapist moment).  Nope.  Not anywhere near.

I'm bored.

I ate too much potato salad and chocolate cookies.

I need something good and escapist to do (a good fantasy flick might do the trick, but what I want is a good complete good fluffy fic I haven't read yet.  I want swords and socery and mayhem and blood and guts and hot romance and happily ever afters.  Is that too much to ask? 

Ah life.  Did I mention I'm bored?

Time to go looking through the cheesy movie section  of my dvds....
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