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Poem: Dance of the Three

Oh Noes!  Another one of KK's metaphysical poems, this one heavy in allusions to Hinduism, Buddhism, a touch of the middle east, and as usual, Zen.  I warned you.

Dance of the Three

In the beginning
a voice crying in the wilderness,
and things went boom,
back to back those two,
creator and destroyer,
And breathing over the waters
the preserver wandered.

And so they meander,
creator, preserver, destroyer –
things begin,
things last for a time,
things go boom.
How red the blood,
dripping drop
by lone drop
to scatter in the wind
as they weave their dance.

Taking a deep breath,
I think of Siddhartha,
sitting by the river,
and Bodhidharma,
walking east,
and the dance of the Sufi,
and blood on a cross,
and Schroedinger’s cat
and the eyes of a dying woman

Staring at the midday desert,
I bat away the djinn
crawling in the midday heat,
knowing why
the World Renown One
pointed out a way
for escape –
their dance gets old.

The sun feels good on my shoulders.
Thirsty, I take a deep drink.

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