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Drabble: Manual Dexterity

Some afternoon IK Fluff

Manual Dexterity

InuYasha, his mood dark, sat down next to the fire pit and stared down at his hands, palm down, resting on his thighs. The hands were large, capable and showed the things he did with them. He was not sure how happy he was with what they revealed.  The knuckles were callused from the use he had put them to, a fighter’s hands. He wiggled his fingers and watched the rise and fall of the claw tips as they moved.  Hands that could kill, and did so.  A predator’s hands.

Kagome walked into the room, fresh from her bath, wearing only her soft blue yukata.  Taking one look at her silver-haired husband and the way he sat, she  knelt in front of him, smiling gently.  As if she could read his thoughts, she ran soft fingers over the backs of his hands, and picking them up by the wrist, brought his hands to her face.  He gently cupped the sides of her face, brushing his thumbs gently across her cheeks and running his fingers into her hair. She leaned into his hands, a lover’s hands, and in turn, wrapped her arms around his neck.

He met her halfway, letting his lips brush across hers, tender and lingering, and his hands drifted over her body, pulling her close.  A last flash of his mind before he surrendered to her gentle attentions that this was the best use for his hands of them all.

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