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Tired feet, sore legs.....

Yesterday we went out into the woods about 30 miles from here (maybe a little further).

We hiked a good bit up a mountain by a stream called Grime's Creek in the Boise National Forest.  I stuck to the FS road, while hubby went further up, cause he was looking for places to hunt deer.  It was a nice walk.  I saw two wild turkeys, hawks, eagles, nuthatches, and many, many grasshoppers.  Oh yes, and chipmunk, too.

Now one thing you have to understand.  I love being up in the mountains.  I am phobic about falling down cliffsides, to the point I have had the occasional panic attack.  When I was a child, I had a reoccurring falling dream that involved being in a vehicle that drove off the road into a pine covered valley below.  As a child,  these were not nightmares; they didn't frighten me.  But as a flatlander moved into the high country, suddenly, I am running through landscapes that remind me of my old dream, and the part of my brain that doesn't expect such things a slopes, hills, cliffs to really exist (since most of my life I lived in a place where they didn't except for man-made structures) freaks out.

So there I was, walking up a road that had many places with high drop offs.  So what did I do?  Take pictures!  It was actually a driveable road, but I know from experience I wouldn't have enjoyed the drive nearly as much as the hike.  I have this thing about edges, after all...

Later, we drove down the Grimes Creek Road to a little town called Centerville.  Most of the drive over dirt road was ok, but the drop offs got pretty spectacular.  But I made it in one piece, not pulling the door handle off and without visible panic attacks.  Happily, once we got to Centerville, we were able to take a different road back to the main highway.  Still dirt, but better graded.

It's really interesting countryside, filled will Ponderosa pine, steep rockfaces, streams.  The mountains are granitic, but at places there are basalt flows. 

I love this part of the world.  Even if edges give me the creeps.
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