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It's early fall here in Boise.  Maple trees in the area and on the mountains, especially, are starting to turn.  We had a cool front come through and drop our temps from the mid to upper 90s to the lower 80s (and yesterday, I'm not sure it got that high).

What does this mean?

The start of hunting season. 

The windup of fire season in the northern Intermountain West

The fact that my Japanese class starts in a week.

The fact that fall is my favorite season and I get all excited until the weather turns nasty and snowy.

We are socked in with smoke from fires in the forests north of here today.  Very interesting sky, with the mountains peaking through the haze. Hubby wants to go grouse hunting.  I normally love to go grouse hunting, if nothing else for the walk up mountain trails (something nobody realizes this fat ol' lady actually likes to do for some strange masochist reason), but I can't get a local hunting license until the end of the month, and it's too smoky just to go and take pictures.  But I might go any way.  Fall fever is upon me.

Really couldn't visualize how big EIMH was getting, so I went crazy and put the first 7 chapters into a double spaced doc with indentations instead of block formatting.  38 pages.  It really is one of the longer things I've written.  Kind of happy with the way it's going.

Autumn dayz are hear again....
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