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I'm putting this under a cut.

OKay, for most of the last week, I've been keeping my eye glued to the news in Iran, and the fallout over the election, and the protest turning into a really bloody repression of protest.  I have watched video after video of people willing to die, and who have died in pursuit of self determination against a leadership cadre that has basically attempted a coup, circumventing the will of the people to further their own agenda.  I have spent countless hours trying to get info out that may help save people's lives, information about what's going on, how to deal with things like gunshot wounds, and basically trying to stand up against oppression.

So after weeping all day yesterday over the senseless death of a young woman who was shot from a rooftop by an armed thug as she and her father watched the protest walk by, and the death of several young men, and many people being beat for this, I get back to LJ and find people are in wank war again.

Over what?  Self-determination? Life, liberty and the pursuit of justice?  No.  Over protecting themselves from people who would strip them of their fuiture, and force them to live in an increasingly repressive pressure cooker like in 1984?   NO. Over how to play with a bunch of ficitonal characters that they don't even have the rights to.

My stomach is sick.

No wonder LJ IY is dying.  If we're going to have major wars about the appropriateness of what mode to write silly, porny stories about characters that get us to reach into personal lives and act like little self-righteous terrorists waving the flag of the favored character or pairing against all comers, it deserves to die.

The last one to leave, please be sure to put out the lights.

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