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Oneshot: Time

Mostly IK Takes place November, 1563  (I am expecting several little stories in this arc)


A cascade of ebony hair pooled around the head of the futon and spilled over onto the floor. Kagome’s head tilted back and her eyes closed as she lost herself in the sensation of his skin against hers, of his weight and heat and scent. InuYasha’s mouth, warm and wet, found her neck, drawing whimpering sounds from her as he moved down it with small kisses and nibbles and sensuous licks of his tongue.

He moved up towards her ear as his hands slid smoothly over her waist and shoulders.  “Woman,” he breathed.

Shivering from the warmth of his breath, she fisted her hands in the long silver of his hair and opened her eyes to gaze into his hooded dark amber ones.   His large hands wrapped under her shoulders, pulling her tightly against him as her head arched up to meet his mouth half way as he dragged his lips across hers, let his tongue circle the warmness of her lips and dance with her tongue.  Her hips bucked against him, and he ground his hardness against her thigh in return.

A breeze blew in through the high window in their sleeping room, tickling his ears. He pushed himself up by the elbows to gaze at his wife, with her want filled, heavy eyes and her kiss-swollen lips. “I want you so . . . ”he began, then looked up, sniffing.  “Damn it!” 

Suddenly, his face gone for erotic joy to anger, he  rolled off of Kagome, and grabbed at his clothes.

Confused, Kagome sat up and brushed the hair out of her eyes.  “What’s wrong?”

“Get dressed,” he said, pulling the fronts of his undershirt closed.  “My brother’s coming.”  He fastened his kosode.  “The bastard.  It had better be something important.”

Kagome slipped into her under kosode, chewing her lip in thought.  “Maybe it’s Rin’s time?”

InuYasha’s angry scowl softened as he fastened his hakama.  “Maybe.”  He slid open the sleeping room door and stepped out just as a knock came on the front door.

The hanyou strode across the floor and slid open the door, to be greeted by his brother’s golden eyes, as usual giving away little, but his youki felt disturbed.  The breeze fluttered the fur on Sesshoumaru’s mokomoko as he took a breath, trying to be unobtrusive.  An eyebrow slightly lifted, but he said nothing as he stepped into the entry.

“Rin asked for Kagome,” the youkai said. 

“Is it time?” InuYasha asked.

“Perhaps. This Sesshoumaru doesn’t know,” Sesshoumaru replied.  He flexed his claws, slightly, the only thing really betraying his nervousness. “This is why Rin requires your wife.”

Kagome stepped out of the sleeping room, pulling her hair into a ponytail.  “Sesshoumaru-sama, is everything all right?”

“Rin requires your assistance,” Sesshoumaru said.  “She is having pains.”

Kagome nodded.  “I’ll just get my things.”

“Do you want me to go tell Sango?” InuYasha asked.

“Yeah, that would be good.  You and Miroku can look after the children here if you’d like,” she said, as she picked up a basket of supplies. She brushed her fingers across her cheek, bent close to whisper into his ear.  “Someone will need to keep your brother busy.  It will take awhile.  Make sure Atae is here.”

He sighed, and kissed her fingers, and nodded.  “Take good care of Rin.”

Sesshoumaru stepped back, and Kagome slipped on her sandals and exited the house.  The youkai lingered for a moment.  “Jaken tells me that my mother has plans to drop by. You may, little brother, wish to take a bath first before she gets here.”  He took another breath.   “She has a sensitive nose.  You might not want to advertise certain activities while she is here.”

With that, he turned and left.    If Kagome wouldn’t have killed him for it, InuYasha would have punched the floor.  Instead two trees and a rock got it before he made it to the monks front door.

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