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Poem: I Offered You a Flower

Not IK.  Just playing around with rhyme and ballad structure.

I offered you a flower
I found upon the way,
I offered you a flower
if you would only stay.
You took it from my fingers.
I wondered what you’d say,
but silently you dropped it
and left me here today.

I lifted up that flower,
a single blushing rose
I lifted up that flower,
and brought it to my nose.
Its scent was sweet and fragrant –
I let my eyelids close
and thought about the way you left
and how this dark world goes.

Perhaps I’ll plant a garden
of roses red and white
Perhaps I’ll plant a garden,
to grow in summer’s light.
Although their branches bear sharp thorns,
their scent is a delight.
They will not leave me standing here
to wander in the night.

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