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Poem: Wet Garden Lament

Ah, the weather woes....

Wet Garden Lament

Rain, rain,
you came back today
stealing my summer
with your clouds so gray,
too cool in the morning
as the sparrows fly –
I wanted to garden,
but instead I sigh
wishing for the sun.

Rain, rain,
I need to get out,
away from my desk
where I sit and pout
I need to walk and dig
and plant some seeds –
my poor little garden’s
going to be full of weeds
if the bugs leave anything behind.

Rain, rain,
mud between my toes,
my tomatoes are crying
full of wet weather woes
Come back to me, sun,
I need a bright day.
Rain, o rain,
just go away
at least until I put out some more beans.
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