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Today's Tweets

Tweets for the day:

07:10 @Plumespixie you go to this site: It's a directory for twitter people. #

07:12 @Plumespixie's document manager crashed again, and I have story to irritated at them.... #

07:52 RT JasonBradbury PLEASE RT these pictures and and this hashtag #IranElection #

08:52 #iremember JFK and hope and lost hope...and a lot more since... #

08:56 RT @Katrinskaya:Good list of people to follow from #iran who are twittering largely from the ground here: #iranelection #

09:14 Interesting story about Twitter, CNN, and #IranElection RT from JohnAment RT KarlStolley #cnnfail #

11:22 RT MakersMark99 RT @Bahram81: all pics from Iran riots here (updated regularly) #iranelection please RT #

17:00 RT @JamesAkersJrThe world to wear green tomorrow for freedom in Iran. Retweet please. everyone needs to see this. #Iranelection #

17:23 New Poem: One June Day
#poetry #

18:18 smoke in the dark night / and a glow of distant fire / this, summer's burden #haiku #

19:48 New Poem: The Fire God
#poetry #tanka #

21:25 RT z1g1 The BBC has a great report from inside of Iran. This story needs to get out!! #iranelection #

21:28 Now awake, CNN? RT @voteblake: CNN says twitter coverage of #iranelection "Unlike anything we have seen before" on social network sites. #

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