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Poem: One June Day

Poem with political overtones

One June Day

I look at the picture,
brave young woman with the green flag,
her fist raised up
in hope, perhaps,
and determination
stepping out to make a statement for the future
as the riot police close in.

I remember another day,
another brave soul
confronting a tank,
and remember the news
of that terrible night in the square,
when the Goddess of Democracy came tumbling down,
another hope,
another determination,
and another statement for the future

Ah, that they all could be
like the day the wall came down, brick by brick,
but so often the darkness
swirls over the sea of earnest young hope,
and swallows up
all desire for light-filled futures.

Lord, forgive us
for what we do
in the name of God,
and how we step on hope,
smearing into the ground,
not that we seem to really deserve it.
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