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Oneshot: Reminders in Shades of Red and Blue

IK.  Takes place after my story Market Day, not long after Kagome has returned to the past

I do not own InuYasha or any of the characters created by Rumiko Takahashi

Reminders in Shades of Red and Blue

Kagome smiled at InuYasha, a short, fleeting touch of warm to her face as she went about her evening routine, putting away the dishes into their shelf, making sure the lamp was filled, fetching the bedding from its cupboard, laying it out and smoothing it.  InuYasha, watching her work, got up and did his chores,  bringing in more firewood wood in before it got dark, and then checked the water to make sure there was enough in the house to last until morning.  When he came back in, carrying the buckets, she had put the tea kettle on, and had lit the lamp, although it was not truly dark yet.  She looked up as he came in, and gave her another one of those brief smiles, then went to sit next to the lamp where she had pulled out her sewing, and without saying anything, began to thread a needle.

Even without her scent giving it away, InuYasha could tell by how she was acting that Kagome was upset about something, although she was trying hard to hide it.  Stifling a sigh and biting his bottom lip, he thought about what he could say not to make it worse, and decided to play it safe and not say anything yet.  Instead, he went and sat next to her.

Looking at what she was working at, he reached out a finger, careful not to snag it, and brushed the edge of the cloth, gently.   It was a soft silk, decorated with sprays of blue and red flowers.  The last market day that he and Miroku had gone to, he had seen it on display at a cloth merchant’s stand. Soon as he had set eyes on it, he knew Kagome would look beautiful wrapped in the fabric’s soft folds.  He had bought the fabric for her on impulse, knowing full well it was much nicer than anything she would have chosen for herself. But he remembered his mother and the silk-draped ladies who attended her, and he wanted his own wife to know something of beauty and loveliness, even if he couldn’t give her the life of a noblewoman. Something about seeing her want to make it into a garment made him feel pleased.

She looked up at him, and he smiled. 

Kagome, pulling the needle through the fabric, said, “My mother had a haori with flowers like this on it.  She would wear it on special days.”  She sighed deeply.  “The last time I saw it was just a few days before I came here, at my graduation.”  Suddenly, and unexpectedly, she sniffled and then gave a sob.

InuYasha carefully took the fabric out of her hands and put it on the table next to her, then wrapped his arms around her.  “Koibito,” he said softly, putting her head under his chin.  Faced with a sad and unhappy wife, he felt lost, not really knowing what to do.

She began to cry in earnest, fisting his jacket in his hands. He stroked her back with long passes of her hands, the only thing he could think to do. Slowly, her crying stopped. “It’s not that I don’t want to be here,” she said after a few minutes.  She looked up at him with wet, sad eyes. “I really do.  I...I just miss her.”

He brushed away the trail of her tears with his thumb, then gently kissed her forehead. “Yeah, I know what you mean. I still miss my mother,” he said, sighing.  “You don’t have to do anything with that cloth if it makes you sad, you know.”

“But I want to,” she said, reaching up to kiss him lightly.  “It makes me feel . . . connected, I guess.  It’s so beautiful.  Even if it makes me think of Mama, it will always make me think of you, too.  My old life and my new one.”  She wrapped her hand around his neck, and kissed him once again.

And as he returned her kiss, happy that the crisis seemed to be over, he knew that, although he might not always understand his wife’s way of thinking, he would never take for granted what it cost her to be with him. He just knew he was lucky she was here.

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