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Tweets for the day:

09:35 New IK drabble: Negotiation InuYasha fanfic #

15:12 New Poem: Backyard Zen
#poetry #

15:44 @quirkyslayer I think about one of mine and want to do more with her...someday...but with major editing.... #

16:11 Oh's a weird day. I told someone to quit griping at people who don't agree with him and try to persuade them instead...publicly! #

21:33 @Plumespixie talk to me girl, I'm here listening... #

21:38 @Plumespixie yeah, that's scary. you stay low. Glad the cops are coming out... #

21:43 @Plumespixie I bet. I know I left New Orleans back in the 90s cause of stuff like this #

21:48 @Plumespixie Better safe...I'd do the same thing. You live in a wild town, girl. #

21:53 @Plumespixie yep. I remember all of that. Done my time in wild towns. Now that I'm older I like the quiet... #

22:00 @Plumespixie I do understand how that one goes. You be safe... #

22:34 @Plumespixie glad things have quieted down... #

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