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Poem: Sometimes, the Facade Cracks

One of those mornings...definitely not IY

Sometimes, the facade cracks,
and I become the little girl crying in her room again,
saying “why me?”
as I let the pain
or the sickness
or the grief
or the loneliness sweep over me,
plummeting me to its depths,
and in my misery,
I embrace it,
wallowing in the dark,
knowing full well the proper answer
is “Why not me?”

Ah life,
so wonderful,
confusing –
how we cling to you for good or ill –
our little time so enormous and important in our own minds,
how often we heighten the darkness
until the good is all so muddy and gray.

Contemplating the ways of compassion,
suffering and release,
I smile at the universe and say
even if it doesn’t matter,
even if my life is like a bubble bursting in the ocean
and who I am and was and will be
gets washed away by the enormity of it all,
I choose the light over the dark,
to be a spark instead of a shadow.

Kicking my miseries aside,
I then claw my way up from the pit,
determined to sit in the sunshine.
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