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Poem: Evening Walk

Must be in a poetic mood today...

Evening Walk

And shall not you, and shall not I
go walking in the evening’s cool,
fingers intertwined, not caring then
if others think we look the fool.

And we shall watch the alpenglow
red with the sunset’s fading light
touching the mountainside as we walk,
as the evening moves closer to the night.

We’ll watch a lone duck cross the sky,
set his wings and start to fall,
a perfect splashdown in the stream,
as we walk to cricket’s call.

And I will think of days gone by,
our days filled with much to do,
and wonder how my time would be
if I did not spend my time with you.

Hard to imagine another path,
one not traveled by both you and I –
we’ll watch the stars light, one by one
across a clear, unclouded sky.
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