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Poem: Spring Remembrance

IK poetic fluff.  An anniversary remembrance.  But written as a ballad.

Spring Remembrance

Put away your sewing,
your silken thread so fine,
your scissors and your thimble,
and put your hand in mine.

We’ll walk amid the flowers
that bloom in pink and white
that tell us that the spring has come
and put winter to its flight.

And I will gaze upon you,
and watch your blue-gray eyes,
and how your hair drifts in the wind
beneath the soft spring skies,

And I will hold you closely
while I think of what to say
to remind you of the way I felt
on that amazing day

And I will try to kiss you
beneath the cherry tree,
and watch the petals in the wind
that brought you back to me.

And I’ll  remember how you smiled
That certain warm spring day,
when you let me wrap you in my arms
and you told me you would stay.

The rest is up to you, love,
so put your hand in mine,
and put away your sewing,
and your silken thread so fine.
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