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Real Life sometimes bites.

I'm back in antibiotic hell.  Doc says I am still having symptoms,  and they want to scope my innards, but can't do it until they are sure the infection is cleaned out.    I kind of believe her, cause I started having pain again, little ones, in that area, and today I'm feeling not so well.

Doc was worried that there was thickening of the colon wall, which maybe be from the infection or may be a mass.  I had my last scope 5 or 6 years ago, and it was clean; so I'm not horridly worried.  But it means 14 days of antibiotics, sun sensitive skin, and sick stomach.  But instead of taking the evil Flagyl 4 times a day, I only have to take it 3 times.  They are trying me on Zofram for the nausea.  Flagyl and  Levaquin, oh my.  And I am allergic to both drugs that can substitute for Flagyl. 

Keep me in your thoughts it all works out OK.
But yesterday, we harvested some mustard greens the first time from the garden and they were wonderful.  I am grateful for the good stuff, even if it's not all wonderful.

Glad I wrote so much yesterday.  Not so sure how much I will want to write the next few days...

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