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Ganked from Paynesgrey:

Name FIVE female characters that you love (across all fandoms):

1. Galadriel (LOTR)
2. Jazdia Dax, ST:DS9
3. Genkei, YYH
4.  Susan Ivanova, Babylon5
5.  Jessica, Dune

Name FIVE male characters that you love (across all fandoms):

1. InuYasha (as if you didn't realize that!)
2. Schmendrick,  the Last Unicorn
3. Merlin (particularly in the Crystal Caves series by Mary Stewart
4. Michael Garabaldi, Babylon 5
5. Odysseus   (I know a classic when I see it.

This really wasn't fair...I have far more than 5 in both categories...LOL.
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